Founders of the Kindergarten of St. Michal

Ing. Tomáš Kováčik, PhD."I long for the establishment of more Catholic kindergartens in Slovakia, where beautiful friendships are formed." This briefly describes the motivation of one of the founders of Škôlka sv. Michala, Tomáš Kováčik, to embark on this endeavour. He desired for as many children as possible to receive the same goodness that his own children received in kindergarten.

JUDr. Jana Michaličková, PhD., Founder of the School: A lawyer working in the non-profit sector, a mother of two knights and one little princess, who desires to provide her children with education in the Catholic faith. However, there are very few available spots in Catholic kindergartens. She is the founder of another successful Private Elementary Art School in Trenčín, which she co-founded and has been leading with her mother for almost 17 years. "I wanted to utilize my experience in the administrative, legal, and financial management of a school in the place where my family currently resides, which is Bratislava. I believe that by creating a small family-oriented kindergarten with Christian education, we provide a place for children whose parents desire an education and upbringing of a community-based nature, with a focus on values."

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