Kindergarten of St. Michael continues to develop.


How did we start? In September 2021, we opened the private childcare centre 'Škôlka sv. Michala.' After a year of challenging administrative procedures and two reconstructions, we have been officially included in the network of schools and educational facilities led by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sports as a private kindergarten, starting from September 1, 2022. v sieti škôl a školských zariadení vedenou Ministerstvom školstva, vedy, výskumu a športu ako súkromná materská škola. Od 1.9.2023, pre veľký záujem o našu škôlku, otvárame novú triedu na Hummelovej 4 v Starom Meste.

Our kindergarten is created by our people 

 Mgr. Katarína Mazúrová, Director (workplace Gajova 8)
 " that the person of God may be perfect and prepared for every good creation." (2 Tim 3,17)
 The fulfilment of this mission began for me over twenty years ago when I was entrusted with my first group of children in the parish. Together, we prayed, learned about God, sang together during Mass, organized various activities, and spent time together during holidays in Christian camps as well as on regular days.
Since then, my work has shifted to primary schools and high schools, where I served as a catechist for both younger and older students. Subsequently, I moved on to preschools, where I was entrusted with the care of the youngest children.
I have experience in upbringing and education in both public and religious schooling, working with families, animators, and teachers who, alongside children, are additional protagonists in education. 
 Family and school are two entities that hold dominant positions in a child's life. They share a common responsibility for their upbringing and education, with the family having the greatest influence on their formation, while the school complements it in an appropriate manner. Therefore, it is necessary to coordinate the educational tasks of both the family and the school.
 Parents are primarily responsible for the upbringing of their children, including nurturing their faith from an early age. Being a parent means giving one's life to the child, preserving them, and fostering their development. It is a continuous giving that extends throughout the child's life. A crucial role of parents is to create an environment in which the child gradually forms a proper relationship with values and develops all aspects of their personality. Such an environment is one rich in love. The role of parents in upbringing is irreplaceable, and their rights are paramount before all other institutions. 
Slávka Feketeová, MBA, Deputy Director (workplace Hummelova 4)
 I have been working in education as a pre-primary teacher for 12 years. I love working with children and believe that I can speak "their language," understanding their individuality and uniqueness. I am very creative and enjoy introducing children to music since I play the piano well and even create my own music. However, I only entered this profession after starting my own family and realizing that I have a wonderful connection with children. It has become my mission to foster their love for life, people, and the environment around them. I decided to pursue additional studies focused on preschool education. Additionally, as indicated by my degree, I have completed an MBA program at City University in Trenčín, where the entire curriculum was taught in English. 
Thanks to this, I had the opportunity to learn the language excellently and continuously improve in it. I have extensive experience leading a club for children that focuses on playful English language learning. I am thrilled that I can apply all of my previous experiences to working with your children. I believe that together we will create a beautiful family environment for them, where they will eagerly return every day, filled with a desire for new knowledge in both Slovak and English language.
Leads the bilingual English class at the Hummelova 4 facility.

Mgr. Alena Petrasová – Special education pedagogue (workplace Hummelova 4)
Alenka is a young talented student of pedagogy, who has a natural gift for working with children. She completed her Bachelor's degree in the field of Remedial Pedagogy at the Faculty of Education at Comenius University. Subsequently, she pursued a Master's degree in Special Pedagogy. She is equipped with knowledge that she will apply in practice under the guidance of the pedagogues in our kindergarten.
Viktoria Romanjuk,  Operator
Viktória takes care of the overall operation of the facility, ranging from ensuring proper nutrition for the children to supervising hygiene and cleanliness of the environment. Additionally, she assists us in translating from Ukrainian to Slovak for Ukrainian parents and children.
Project of Ukrainian Educational Group
From September to December 2022, we established a Ukrainian educational group led independently by Larisa Chernushenko, a teacher who sought temporary refuge in Slovakia due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The children received education through a sponsorship program with reduced tuition fees. The costs for the educator and the operation of the Ukrainian educational group were funded through a grant from the Conference of Bishops of Slovakia and in collaboration with the religious congregation of the Canonesses of St. Augustine, Notre Dame order. 

Founders of the Kindergarten of St. Michal

Ing. Tomáš Kováčik, PhD."I long for the establishment of more Catholic kindergartens in Slovakia, where beautiful friendships are formed." This briefly describes the motivation of one of the founders of Škôlka sv. Michala, Tomáš Kováčik, to embark on this endeavour. He desired for as many children as possible to receive the same goodness that his own children received in kindergarten.

JUDr. Jana Michaličková, PhD., Founder of the School: A lawyer working in the non-profit sector, a mother of two knights and one little princess, who desires to provide her children with education in the Catholic faith. However, there are very few available spots in Catholic kindergartens. She is the founder of another successful Private Elementary Art School in Trenčín, which she co-founded and has been leading with her mother for almost 17 years. "I wanted to utilize my experience in the administrative, legal, and financial management of a school in the place where my family currently resides, which is Bratislava. I believe that by creating a small family-oriented kindergarten with Christian education, we provide a place for children whose parents desire an education and upbringing of a community-based nature, with a focus on values."

More about us, our motives and goals in the media:

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