Conditions: The tuition fee is non-refundable even in case of the child's absence for the given month. If a child starts/finishes during the month or in the months of July/August, the daily payment is 28 euros including meals, or the full monthly tuition fee.

*The price for the meals is increased from 1.9.2023 to 4,50 EUR per day.

The complete price list is always part of the contract that the parent concludes before the child's enrollment in our kindergarten. The price list, with the exception of meals, remains unchanged throughout the child's stay in the kindergarten.


How do we manage our finances?

Two mandatory renovations and the equipment of the kindergarten cost us 55,000 EUR in the first year in order to meet the strict conditions for inclusion in the network of schools led by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports.

Our monthly expenses consist of paying salaries for 4 employees, taxes, and contributions; of course, we cover rent, utilities, accounting, occupational safety and health, GDPR compliance, imported meals, hygiene supplies, and disinfection; occasionally, we purchase literature for educators, workbooks for children, educational supplies. We do not include extraordinary expenses, and we have not yet started repaying loans. The monthly operation costs us around 10,000 EUR.

We are a non-profit organization, and we do not generate any profit from our income.

The founder manages this project as her voluntary initiative.


Do you want to support us?

You can send your donation for our kindergarten to the account held at FIO Bank:

SK 27 8330 0000 0020 0220 3185



To the known donors of God:  

50 EUR, 22 EUR, 537,90 EUR, 365 EUR, 365 EUR